About Us

Constantly moving forward

We are a company with 30 years of history but we never stand back to admire ourselves. We are constantly adopting new methods and technologies to keep ahead of the competition.

We have a commitment to our clients that keeps us focussed on their needs, always going that step further to deliver the quality and service that is synonymous with Holfeld.

Our top level staff are always on hand to talk to our clients, that’s what both defines and differentiates us in our competitive market. Clients like dealing with us, because with us, it’s personal.

Helmut Holfeld
  • Helmut Holfeld

  • Managing Director
“We thrive on producton enhancement and product development. Our customers benefit from superior quality and the latest know-how in die manufacturing. To me, our customers are number one.”
Diarmuid O Hegarty
  • Diarmuid O'Hegarty

  • Executive Director
“It’s important to understand and assist our customers with their requirements and technical challenges, to supply the perfect cutting tool for their production.”